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Traven School of Hospitality & Hotel Management

Diploma in Hospitality Management consists of one intensive study period of 6 months at the Traven school of Management campus in Pune, India.

One practical paid industry training period of 6 months in the International hospitality industry.

Students learn from a dedicated faculty, who in addition to their academic credentials, bring know-how and experience in the hospitality and business fields. This ensures that what is learnt in class is contemporary and can be applied in a daily business environment in real-world situations.

Aim of the Program

The Traven Diploma in Hospitality Management program is specifically designed for young adults wishing to enter the international hotel and hospitality field and who are aspiring to a management career in this industry.

The program offers students an academic education together with vocational core competency training. This carries considerable value and prestige with employers worldwide. It can also benefit people looking to obtain the necessary specialized knowledge when thinking about opening their own business. Students learn about food service operations alongside a variety of academic disciplines, including foreign languages. Throughout the program, Swiss virtues, such as discipline, punctuality, ethics and hygiene are encouraged as they are highly valued throughout the world and count as much as academic and practical skills in ensuring a successful career.

Paid Industry Training internationally

Industry training is an integral part of the study program at Traven School of Hospitality & Hotel Management and provides an opportunity to gain paid work-experience during the early stages of a career. This will prove invaluable when applying for the first supervisory or management position. Generally, the first industry training position will be in a junior position, where students can practice the skills that they learned in the first academic year at Traven Hospitality & Hotel management.

Students will complete their training in the service, housekeeping, or kitchen area, according to their interests and talent. Successful students may be able to assume more responsibility and guest contact in their second year.



If you want to get an internship abroad, are looking for a budget travel option or you do not have enough knowledge of English - Welcome to our Global internship program! The program is recruited all year round, but most of the vacancies are during the peak seasons - summer and winter. To travel, you must be over 18, of the skills - it is desirable (but not required) knowledge of English and the willingness to work in a multinational team. The internship takes place in a hotel: you can work in food and beverage, culinary or housekeeping departments. Bonuses and tips may be possible for qualified candidates with work experience and might earn up to 10,000 INR to 20,000 INR per month. Accommodation and meals at the employer's expense.


Working in hospitality and tourism is all about providing friendly, efficient and attentive customer service for people enjoying vacations, entertainment and leisure activities. We work with employers across Europe and help you find intern and trainee positions with various types of hospitality companies:

Renowned and Exclusive Hotels
Top Level Restaurants
Luxury Resorts

Learn alongside seasoned professional chefs and discover the latest techniques and trends in European cooking. There are hundreds of opportunities and positions available with many different types of qualified businesses – no experience is necessary; we can find something that is a perfect match for you.